Sunday, February 16, 2014


  1. Recounting of hated things. One w/Beat-in Face hates flowers. No-ears hates meadows even more. Orange-body hates glades. W: continue recounting hated topography in orcish until you can't think of anymore. Follow the orcs as they go to destroy the last beautiful thing mentioned. 
  2. Torturing wildlife. Its cries, their laughter and grunting. W: choose a PC, zoom in on her. Test her fortitude: fight or flight. Pass: her player chooses. Fail: 50/50. Give her a bonus if she charges in. She acts too quickly for the other players to stop her. 
  3. Leadership challenge. Argument between preppy squad alpha and hungry wannabe. Trashtalk, hooting, spectator-encircling. W: the two strip naked. First to disembowel the other wins! 80/20 alpha wins. 
  4. What is this feeling. Disregard #. There is one orc, large intelligent eyes. He is caring in secret for a wounded spotted goat, stroking its face. He doesn't know how to help it. Very protective of it, embarrassed and incomprehensible of his compassion. R+ if you go Dungeon Veterinarian.   
  5. Sharing-circle. The orcs are circled up, standing one at a time to recount with great solemnity and attention to physical detail, in stop-motion poetry, their last murder/torture. This is very meaningful to everyone. W: a sketchy rat-tailed orc laughs. The rest murder him quickly and leave him in his pooling blood while the sharing-circle completes. They will drag him and toss him somewhere.
  6. Graffiti gangs. Split the # in half. One half wears lamb skulls; the other wolf skulls. One tags in blood, the other in tar. They meet and yell over who gets to tag the intersection. W: fight. Each round, random side loses a man. Check morale as normal. 
  7. Usurpation. Conspiracy afoot. These are the last moments of a plot to overthrow the orc leader. They whisper and look sketchy. W: follow them as they burst in and try for the coup: 80/20 fail. 
  8. Plots. The pocketwatched strategist plans the next raid. Hears questions from underlings. W: kills a yes-man without anger, in perfect deliberation. If the PCs can understand orcish: they now know their next move and have time to warn whomever, set up ambushes, etc. Orcs then head for the shrine of their terrible deity.
  9. Masquerade. A ritual procession wearing crude wooden masks. They bear bowls of the greatest foods orcs can cook. Are actually human-edible. Still gross. Each cries out a single word, then the next cries out. Long way to tell a story. W: follow to open area in which they present the food to the priest-whittler of the masks. He eats a bowl, judges it good, and the rest have a raucous feast with plenty of intoxicants.  
  10. Gravity gun. Hushed whispers. The orcs have found a solar-powered gravity gun (very long line of effect; attract/repulse items at projectile speeds up to its charge limit; charge limit 2000 lbs; recharges 100lbs/hr in bright sun, less in dimmer light; each repulsion/attraction reduces charge by weight of object). Got no charge right now, only shakes/hums. Of course can be recharged. W: will bring to their leader for storage in hate-treasury.