Wednesday, February 12, 2014


  1. Gruff teacher showing rookies the ropes. Carbuncular (literally: small acne-rubies worth 50g altogether, rare condition) youth stringing a tripwire. Wait: youth fumbles, springs trap, decapitated by scythe. Kobolds intone solemn chant for t, attracting # of other kobolds, who will gather the body and prepare for bottomless pit funeral.
  2. Funeral procession (3#), plaintive chanting, lovely. They will not react even if attacked but will rather be slaughtered; this martyrdom is especially savory to their deity. Led by honey-voiced priestess bedecked with holy jewelry (3d6x10g). 
  3. Funeral afterparty overflow. Nearby chamber packed with kobolds just off a funeral. Half drunk. Overflow of mourners spills into adjoining passageway. Maudlin recollections of the deceased.  
  4. Digging a pit trap with gorgeous bone-shovels. No foreman. Workers in 4' pit complaining, wanting to be relieved. Can climb out of pit at 1/2 speed. Those at top playing balance-game: see how far feet can dangle before falling in. 
  5. Resetting arrow traps along passage. Long, narrow tubes hold arrow, allow to be pushed into wall and locked into place. When done, pressure plate snaps back up. Singing a work song: cheery, about sculpture and dismemberment. 
  6. Kobold Roulette. Partially reset spear trap hallway. 1/6 armed: randomly determine which. Bullied kobold taking "friends" up on a dare to prove he's cool enough to go out hunting with them tonight. He'll do one plate on his own and will be goaded to do one more before having a panic attack in front of third. "Friends" laugh, take off. Especially willing to parlay. Wants vengeance, rare steak, belonging.
  7. Bread eaten in secret. These have swiped prized cavefish stuffed bread hot from chef's oven. Will be flayed alive if found out. Happy savory noises. Whispers of culinary delight.
  8. Funeral. 3# gathered around bottomless pit. High pitched priest orates seriously, youths at edges giggle. Wait: body on stone bier tossed into pit. Each kobold pronounces benediction, spits into pit, makes for the afterparty.
  9. Readers. Gathered around cavewall cuneiform. Serial kobold adventure novel. Exclamation of surprise. Wait: will pound ground at end—author killed fav kobold. Will walk off (random direction) jabbering about next installment. 
  10. Tattoo parlor. Others holding down yipping kobold as he endures rough tattooing. A long gash across chest to celebrate his first trap's first kill. Wearing some armor off the corpse. 
  11. Jump game. 2# gathered around pit trap, watching two athletes (Scar & Spike) prepping to jump across pit, meet each other in air, attempt to throw other into pit and land on other side. No spikes in this pit. Wait: (1d6: 1 Scar wins; 2 both fall in and redo; 3-5 miss; 6 Spike wins). Each time there's no winner, crowd gets louder. Easy to sneak away after a few.
  12. Trial. As jump game (11), but there are spikes on the pit. Defendant painted white, plaintiff black. Accusation of adultery. Crowd nervous. Quieter each round. Will disperse silently.