Monday, February 17, 2014


  1. Feather-capped, chiseled-jawed merchant checks his pockets. Relief: all the cash still there. Whew. For now. 
  2. Prince Baltic smooching in the alleyway with Griselda, pregnant with illegit issue of said prince. True love and all. The PCs put 2 + 2 together. Blackmail. 
  3. Yrfald the goody goody priest high as a kite on frittermine, this new hotness. People haven't noticed yet. His reputation would be ruined. Save him, and you've got leverage. Take the three additional doses he's got on him, and you've got something else. 
  4. Tarped wagon broke down. Driver heading to get help. Few people milling about. Driver glancing back. Under the tarp, insignia of fancy merchant house visible: super luxe goods therein if you want to risk grabbing them. 60/40 you get seen. 
  5. A grizzled man with no legs hand-walks up to you, asks for you to put some money in the pouch that hangs open from his neck. Whatever P does, he says, "I see," and literally disappears. Depending on what god he was manifesting, relevant PC will find himself blessed/cursed/tricked.
  6. Feet protruding from alley. Dead druggie, recently OD'd. On his chest is exotic drug, extremely valuable. Druggie had stolen it from gang not long ago. If P interacts, gang watches. If they take any, gang gets drop on them at opportune moment, demands drugs. Won't be a problem if P just hands it over. 
  7. Toddler crying, alone. That's all. I'm sorry.
  8. Vicious yet friendly dog. This dog is bigger and meaner than you. Choose one PC. Dog tackles PC, licks incessantly. Dragging busted chain. Used to guard fancy place. If PC mentions home, dog will lead them back to unguarded treasure-filled place. 
  9. Narc. Sketchy dude's got awesome drugs for sale: not addictive, mechanical benefits, everything. Super illegal. You make the deal, you get busted. Cops everywhere. 
  10. A very special random encounter. Prostitute offers services. He/she's a looker. "You really wanna do this?" If PC agrees to go through with it, prostitute reveals self as vigilante, attempts to castrate/kill. Afterward, rumors of said vigilante. 
  11. Marriage counseling. P overhears Hilda, kind + shrewd merchant wife, in tears relating to sister how husband Torvald is unrepentant adulterer. "I just want him dead. He doesn't deserve to live. I'd give anything." Will actually pay great bank for discreet assassination. Will be easy. Torvald doesn't try to hide his comings/goings.
  12. Window-shopping. PC spots something incredibly valuable through an upper-story window. Wall beneath is ripe for climbing. Easy grab-and-go if you can make the climb without folks on the street seeing. Presuming there's no guards in the room.